Setting up prerequisites

Currently, only Ubuntu 18.04+ is officially supported as primary development environment.

There are several dependencies, that should be installed manually. The following list is the absolute minimum for building:

  • gcc or any C99-compliant compiler (native or cross, e.g., arm-none-eabi)
  • cmake >=

Several scripts and tools help the building and development process, thus it is recommended to have the following installed as well:

  • bash >= 4.3.11
  • cppcheck >= 1.61
  • clang-format-10 >= 10.0.0
  • python >= 2.7.6
sudo apt-get install gcc gcc-arm-none-eabi cmake cppcheck clang-format-10 python

To make our scripts run correctly, several shell utilities should be available on the system:

  • awk
  • bc
  • find
  • sed

Building JerryScript

To build debug version for Linux

python tools/ --debug

To build debug version for Linux without LTO (Link Time Optimization)

python tools/ --debug --lto=off

To enable more verbose outputs for debugging

tools/ --debug --logging=on --error-messages=on --line-info=on

Add custom arguments to CMake

python tools/ --cmake-param=CMAKE_PARAM

Set a profile mode (, minimal)

python tools/|minimal

See also the related

Use (compiler-default, external) libc

The default libc is the compiler-default libc but you can use an external libc as well:

  • compiler-default libc:
python tools/
  • external libc:
python tools/ --compile-flag="-nostdlib -I/path/to/ext-libc/include" --link-lib="ext-c"

Add toolchain file

The cmake dir already contains some usable toolchain files, which you can use in the following format:

python tools/ --toolchain=TOOLCHAIN

For example the cross-compile to RaspberryPi 2 is something like this:

python tools/ --toolchain=cmake/toolchain_linux_armv7l.cmake

Use system memory allocator

python tools/ --system-allocator=on

Note: System allocator is only supported on 32 bit systems.

Enable 32bit compressed pointers

python tools/ --cpointer-32bit=on

Note: There is no compression/decompression on 32 bit systems, if enabled.

Change default heap size (512K)

python tools/ --mem-heap=256

If you would like to use more than 512K, then you must enable the 32 bit compressed pointers.

python tools/ --cpointer-32bit=on --mem-heap=1024

Note: The heap size will be allocated statically at compile time, when JerryScript memory allocator is used.

To build with libfuzzer support

CC=clang python tools/ --libfuzzer=on --compile-flag=-fsanitize=address --lto=off

Check the documentation of libfuzzer to get the runtime settings of the created fuzzer binary:

To get a list of all the available buildoptions for Linux

python tools/ --help

Checking patch

python tools/ --precommit

Running only one type of test

To run build option tests

python tools/ --buildoption-test

To run unittests

python tools/ --unittests

To run jerry-tests

python tools/ --jerry-tests

To run signed-off check

python tools/ --check-signed-off

To run cppcheck

python tools/ --check-cppcheck

To run format check

python tools/ --check-format

To get a list of all the available test options

python tools/ --help